Five tips about the ‘5k Circuit’: 4. Ligth Signals

31 August, 2015

Although Valencia Cuidad del Running is one of the areas of Spain with more days and hours (nearly 3,000) of sun throughout the year, in some winter months or for different runners may be useful or necessary to run when natural light from the sun has not yet come out or when it is starting or has disappeared at the end of the day.

Therefore, another advantage offered by the 5K Circuit is to let runners enjoy a well-marked and illuminated track. These LED light beacons allow users to clearly define the track, especially those most forested areas where it will be difficult to reach sunlight at certain times of day.

There will be a light beacon every 12.5 metres, which will alternate both sides of the running track, but always out of it and without hindering the progress of users. These light beacons allow the runner to see the next delimited metres and are added to the existing lighting system in the Turia Gardens in the converging areas. These will be switched on and off together with the municipal lighting service.

Each 12.5 metres, runners will come across special lighting, so there will be eight points of light each hundred metres and 80 points of light in every kilometre of the track. Some of these points of special light of the Circuit will coincide with a kilometre marker or milestone, so these structures will be used to combine both signs.

Work and construction of these points, always glued to the Circuit but never in it, have shown special respect to vegetation and existing flora along the entire route, doing always shared and natural use and never invasive use of green areas where the points of light are combined.

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