Five tips about the ‘5k Circuit’: 3. Bio-Healthy Areas

31 August, 2015

Throughout the route runners will come across areas designed to foster a good workout. These areas complement 5K Circuit and represent a plus before, during or after practicing sport in the areas through which the route runs from sections I to XII in the Garden of Turia.

Before starting running it is advisable to perform some warm up exercises. At the same time, when we finish practicing sport we must stretch properly. To do these two complementary activities, there are several areas provided for this purpose along the route of the Turia Garden that we can use depending on the section that we are in. Also, runners can combine the practice of running with different strength exercises and muscle strengthening, using different areas in the Turia Garden with wood metal structures for different exercises that runners will find out along the track.

5K Circuit allows less experienced runners a more pleasant experience on the course of the first kilometers and short distances. However, its special situation requires many runners to hydrate at some points, due to its connection with other areas to run at both ends, and its design thought to let runners run around and increase the distance and the number of kilometers. Thus, some more fountains have been built to enable runners to stop their training and drink some water from the fountains by the 5K Circuit.

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