The world of running enjoys all the advantages for runners in the ‘5K Circuit Turia Garden’

9 September, 2015

5K Circuit, inspired by Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, is now a reality. Although it was completely open to the public for a few weeks, this morning took place the official presentation to society in general and to the world of Valencian running in particular. Representatives of all running athletic clubs from the city of Valencia attended the event and reproduced a shooting together for this presentation.

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On the whole, 5731 meters of specific ground for the runner with a surface certified by the (IBV) Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia in order to soften the impacts of the race. The entire route is already being used by runners for a week from Nou d’Octubre Bridge (beside Cabecera Park) to the Gulliver Park. The infrastructure has a cost of two million euros, which is totally sponsored by Trinidad Alfonso Foundation. In recent weeks light signals have been placed and it is tonight, with the lighting of the light signals, when it can be said that the 5K Circuit is completely finished.


The president, Juan Roig, explained the reasons that led him to promote the 5K Circuit: “Trinidad Alfonso Foundation has the mission of spreading the Culture of Endeavour through sport. What’s better than running, a sport that favours the effort, in which the more you run the more people you beat, or overcome your own record if that’s the goal? “. Roig is confident that this infrastructure “will help Valencia to become the world’s capital of running, together with the great work being done in the marathon, half marathon and other races in the city. Being the world’s capital of running will help us to receive sports tourists that will create health, wealth and magnificence”.

Trinidad Alfonso Foundation is responsible, in addition to the cost of construction, of the cost of maintenance over the next ten years: “Our responsibility as a foundation from now on is to have this like the first day. We, as Valencian citizens, together with visitors should make good use of it”, said Juan Roig.

It is an infrastructure for the city, so its highest representative, Mayor Joan Ribó, wanted to take part in the event to support this initiative and praised its contribution to the city: “The size of the city of Valencia as a place for sport is in luck today with the presentation of this 5K Circuit. In fact, it consolidates this infrastructure quality, well signposted and certified, sponsored by the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation. It will serve to better manage and leverage the use and traffic of this public space. Thousands of runners will be able to train every day in conditions of perfect coexistence with other users.”

Marta Fernandez de Castro, athlete and coach, spoke on behalf of all the clubs of the city: “On behalf of the clubs I want to thank Juan Roig and the Foundation for this circuit so necessary for the city. I have been running several hours a day and after having rained I haven’t found a single puddle on the route and this is a sign of the great pavement that has been used, which all runners can enjoy.”

The technical part of the 5K Circuit has been led by the architect Carlos Campos, together with the heads of the Department of Parks and Gardens of the City of Valencia, and managers of Pavasal Company. Campos explained that it is “an honor to be able to run such a peculiar project, so I’m very grateful.”

“This is a public space of great popular success and we always wanted to respect the environment and existing facilities. What is sought is to provide a route that provides comfort on the pavement, to improve the services and take advantage of landscape features that the Turia Gardens offer. In addition, construction has led to the regeneration of a landscaped area of about twelve thousand square meters,” explained the architect.

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