Charitable causes receive runners’ efforts in donations

16 December, 2015

The main sponsor of the Valencia Marathon and half marathon, The Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, awarded charitable donation checks to The Valencian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and The Valencian Spina Bifida Foundation. The Check amounts were created by the ‘1 euro per runner’ initiative of the Valencia Marathon and half marathon.

Elena Tejedor, director of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, gave the checks over to the two charities this week. Elena visited both charities personally to thank them for their participation at the event and throughout the year in the build up to the marathon.

Medio Maratón Valencia

Thanks to the ‘1 Euro per runner’ initiative of the half marathon, 10,834€ was handed over in the check to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The foundation worked alongside the runners and organization under the slogan ‘My air, your goal’ (a reference to the breathing difficulties experienced by those affected by the condition).

The money raised from the full marathon was donated to the Spina Bifida Foundation; a total of 15,051€. This amount corresponds to the total number of runners who finished the Valencian Marathon on the 15th of November. The quantity was further bulked up by the donations raised at the Impuls-a València event that was held the night before the race.

Maratón Valencia Solidaridad

This tremendous donation from the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation means that people who are affected by both conditions will have access to services and support that they need to be able to live fuller lives.

The donation of 1 Euro for each finisher in the half marathon and the marathon is a clear sign that long distance running in La Ciudad del Running is much more than a hobby or a competitive sport. Since coming on board the Trinidad Alfonso foundation in collaboration with the organizers, SD Correcaminos running club and the Valencian government has helped increase the profile of the event and the amount of charitable donations form the events. Every year a different good cause is chosen to receive the 1 euro per runner donation fund. We wish the Cystic Fibrosis and Spina Bifida Associations all the best, and thank them for their hard work this year.


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