‘Al Maratón con Serrano’ is setting up training groups for the Valencia Marathon with the best marathon runners in Spain

8 September, 2016


Thanks to the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon and Cárnicas Serrano you can now take part in the new edition of ‘Al Maratón con Serrano’ and meet the athletes who represented Spain in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. They will be our special guests in the trainings that will take place in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona. These three cities will host the training sessions that will start in September and that will be held every Saturday so that runners can train for the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon and be ready to run it on the 20th of November.

This year, runners will receive advice from the Olympic athletes Carles Castillejo, Estela Navascués and Azucena Díaz. Furthermore, they will get to meet the Spanish Marathon champion Paula González Berodia, who was not able to run in Rio 2016 due to a last-minute injury. The international athlete Rafa Iglesias will also be there. One athlete will take part in the trainings each Saturday. Besides running with the group, the athletes will share their experience in the 2016 Olympic Games and they will give advice to the runners who sing up for these support groups in order to train for the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon.

Those who take part in the sessions will learn how to get mentally and physically ready for the Marathon. Not only will they run, they will also learn about recovery, diet, intensity and all the aspects that might affect the runner when training for the 42,195 metre race. What could be better than receiving advice from those who are currently the best Spanish athletes?

Runners can sign up for “Al Maratón con Serrano” until the 22nd of September or until the number of registrations available on www.maratonvalencia.com are sold out. Taking part in these sessions is free and it is reserved to all runners who have already signed up for the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon –through this link– or to those who sign up now for the Valencia Marathon. The latter will be able to sign up for this parallel activity when filling in the registration form.

Both in Madrid and Barcelona places are limited to 150 runners. Those who take place in the training sessions will be trained by Pablo Villalobos in Madrid and Nacho Cáceres in Barcelona. The number of runners taking part in ‘Al Maratón con Serrano’ in Valencia has been increased to 400.

The opening of ‘Al Maratón con Serrano’ will be held in the events room of La Petxina on Saturday the 24th of September. Each attendant will be given advice on the pace they should keep when running the marathon. Find all the information about ‘Al Maratón con Serrano’ here.

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