3,500 registrations opened for the six modalities in the Valencia Triathlon

29 February, 2016

Valencia Triathlon 2016 opens registration on their web www.valenciatriatlon.com on Tuesday, 1st March at 10 o’clock. The race will be held next 10th and 11th September, and offers 3,500 placements for different distances.

The first 24 hours or until registrations are completed, a discount will be applied for 200 placements in Olympic distance, 100 placements in Sprint, 100 placements in Male Supersprint and 100 placements in Female Triathlon. After, a second price phase will be applied from the 2nd to the 3rd of March or until the following 400 placements are completed. These will be distributed in 100 for the Olympic distance, 100 for Sprint, 100 for Male Supersprint and 100 for Female Triathlon. The third price phase will be applied from the 4th March to the 15th July and from the 16th July to the 2nd September, the last day for registrations.

There will be an incentive of €12,000 in prices, which will be divided among individual winners and clubs in Olympic distance and many presents and raffles shared among the runners in any modality. There will also be a wide range of services in the event for competitors and the public; this years’ Valencia Triathlon promises to be a success and become a reference for national and international triathletes.

The incomes obtained through the solidarity cause in this edition will be assigned to TetraSport Association that dedicates their work for Investigation and Adapted Physical Activity. At the time of the registration, €1 can be donated to TetraSport. All the money collected will be used by the entity to open a new training centre in Valencia and direct activities to physical exercises adapted to each person’s needs.


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