16,435 runners enrolled for the Trinidad Alfonso marathon and 8,500 for the 10k in the final stretch

2 November, 2015

Valencia, the City of Running, is again exceeding all of its previously registered numbers of runners and beats its own record for participation for the fifth consecutive year. Therefore, the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon, organized by SD Correcaminos and the Valencian government, continues to make history just 13 days before the race with 16,435 runners, a figure which is sure to increase in the next few days. For its part, the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia 10K has closed enrollment with 8,500 registered participating runners, 500 more than last year. A complete success for the par excellence weekend on the national runner’s calendar. More than 25,000 runners will take to Valencia’s streets on Sunday 15 November.

This growth in the number of entries comes, in large, from the increase in foreign runners. The figure has already reached more than 4000, 25% of the total, and 800 runners more than in the 2014 edition. A sample of the great work done over the year at international fairs, outside promotion, and even, word of mouth between the runners who, every year, come to the Valencian race.

Considering the origin of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia marathon runners, Italy is again leading the international participation with 1,394 runners, nearly 9% of the total. In second place, the increase in Belgian runners is notable, with nearly double the representation of 2014 with 516 enrolled runners. Next is France (490), Great Britain (464), the Netherlands (292), Germany (141), Switzerland (111), and Sweden (83) who, in this order, will be the most represented at the race’s starting line.

At the national level, it is notable that, for the first time in the history of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia marathon, every Spanish province, as well as the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, will be represented in the race. A milestone that is also contributing to converting Valencia into the Spanish running epicenter. The organizing region of Valencia leads in this classification (5,978), second is Madrid (1,714), then Alicante (988), Barcelona (573), Murcia (250), Castellón (237), and Albacete (237). It is also worth mentioning that each one of these regions has also increased their individual number of runners.

Lastly, the increase in female participation is again noteworthy. A constant increase, exceeding the 2,000 registrant mark in this 2015 edition, a historic figure for the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia marathon.

The 10k reaches its 8,500 runner limit

For its part, the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia 10K, hasn’t stayed behind either. The trial that accompanies the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia marathon has sold out its 8,500 dorsal bib numbers, one month before it sets off. It is notable that is year, for the first time there were 500 more runners.

Among all of these, nearly a thousand are coming from outside Spain, with a total of 40 represented countries, the same as the marathon, headed up first by Italians, then British, Dutch, Belgians, and French. With regard to female participation, the strength is the same, and even in many periods during the inscription period, more women were signing up than men, although in the end the two figures are very even with 54% men and 46% women. A figure that represents an increase in female participants with respect to the last year at 42%.

In total, more than 25,000 runners will populate the Valencian streets, the City of Running, which with this foot race, will be a weekend to remember.

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