What’s new in Valencia Ciudad del Running this year 2016?

8 February, 2016

This year 2016 Valencia Ciudad del Running offers a calendar full of races and events. The great events of the city are maintained and are growing in participants and the organization and there will be other new appointments and tracks to enjoy the following months.

This is a summary of all the new events that Valencia City of Running offers in 2016:

Gold label in great races

Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon will launch the new IAAF Gold Label, which will improve even more the most valued races in Spain. The organization is already working on different ways to improve the starting line of both races.

New races to enjoy Valencia

New races and events to enjoy Valencia Ciudad del Running. On the 8th May arrives Wings for Life World Run, a global event which is coming to Valencia in 2016 with a supporting and new way of running, in which every runner starts and finishes when the car ending the race reaches them. It will be held in the Turia Gardens.

In October, the Circuit RunCáncer, 100% support in the fight against cancer, stops in Valencia with a great event, which will link a race and a footrace on the 2nd October with the support race against cancer: I Carrera Solidaria Valencia Contra el Cáncer.

In November, on a date to be confirmed, Valencia is holding a new race which will gather everybody in the fight against gender violence.


Races which change the route

There are other races that will bring improvements and changes in the routes, with the object of offering better service for the runner. Thus, the 10K race Fem Día de la Mujer Deportista will start and finish in Alameda through an urban route.

On the other hand, the 10K III AVAPACE Run 50 Challenge in 50 hours will move the non-stop 50 hours athletics to the Valencia 5K Circuit, where groups of runners will participate from Friday, 3rd to Sunday, 5th June, getting profit of the facilities at the Turia Stadium and the special surface for running 5K Circuit.

More supportive events

Valencia is one of the cities with more races and more supportive participation in these events. So, new events are seeking help for their solidarity cases or NGO under the shelter of runners support. These are some of the new races to add in the sports and supportive calendar:

–II Carrera Von Hippel-Lindau, on Saturday 13th February, with 7,000 metres in order to gain visibility.

–I Carrera Solidaria Fundacion ANAR-Falla Blanquerías, on Saturday, 20th February.

–I Carrera corre por ellos – Todos con Llorens, on the 3rd April

–Carrera Payosospital, on the 24th May, to support this NGO that works for children at hospitals.

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