Valencia Marathon and Serrano activate ‘Objective Valencia’ their smart training plans

23 July, 2021

The Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP and Cárnicas Serrano are once again activating and improving the training plans for the race, which in addition to a new name, Objective Valencia by Serrano, will have two new features. On the one hand, they will be received weekly through the new +42KValencia smartphone application, which can be downloaded free of charge by all those registered for the race. On the other hand, these plans will be individually tailored to each runner through an algorithm that will take into account their previous results and each runner’s progress during training. The app will also feature a series of challenges that will be unlocked as preparation progresses, giving access to extra content and prize draws and making the experience more engaging.

The training plans have been designed by José Garay, who is a graduate in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and specialises in high performance in athletics and who works as a coach with CA Serrano, and they will be received through a new smart application, called +42KValencia, which allows greater connection with runners and for the plans to be adapted to the amateur athletes’ performance. This free tool is therefore a service that customises traditional training plans to the needs and performance of the registered users.

‘Objective Valencia’ will involve 16 weeks of preparation. This novel app, which was designed specifically for the occasion, uses smart technology that, through an algorithm and the prior introduction of the runner’s own data and results, adapts the training plan and paces in an individualised manner as the training progresses. These training plans and their adjustment algorithm have been previously supervised and tested by José Garay and the Runnea team, the app’s developer, and they represent a significant innovation in the world of training, although in no case are they intended to replace the figure of the personal trainer who has first-hand knowledge of each runner’s condition.

To receive a training and preparation plan for the marathon, runners registered for the Valencia Marathon will be able to download the +42KValencia app from August, enter their access code and choose the plan that best suits their physical condition and objective, to be able to start training from 16 August. The app is free and has been developed with iOS and Android versions.

We want to be by the side of every runner, accompanying them from the beginning of their preparation until they cross the finish line with us on the blue walkway. We want to solve any difficulties that may arise and motivate them each week to get the best possible workouts“, says José Garay. “We hope that many runners will trust our training approach and that together we can generate positive energy throughout the 16 weeks of training“, concludes the CA Serrano coach.

The experience of Cárnicas Serrano at the service of amateur runners

Since 2012, Cárnicas Serrano has been responsible for the official training groups for the marathon, groups in which more than 2,000 runners have been involved. In 2019, the Valencian company went a step further and took on the development of the official training plans that were followed that year by more than eight thousand participants in the event. Serrano has been linked to athletics and marathons for more than 30 years through its own athletics club, an experience that it has transferred to amateur runners these last few years with the help of its athletes, runners and professionals from other fields with the objective that the runners arrive at the event in the best condition and with the best possible preparation

Enhanced features and support from New Balance

As well as allowing runners to personalise and adapt the plan to their individual needs, the training plan for the Valencia Marathon will have more features and greater support.

This will be provided by the Valencia Marathon’s sports brand, New Balance, which will also support this new app and the official training plans. The company will support the participants in their training challenges through the app with advice from Team New Balance athletes as well as through technical recommendations relating to equipment.

New Balance will also provide the kit for the coaching staff and support the face-to-face meetings to take place over the coming months in different cities across Spain, under the name Objective Valencia, which will have limited places and will be advertised through the app.

This will allow New Balance, a brand that is also involved in the sporting development of the London and New York marathons, to support this new application, joining forces to improve the experience of the participants in the Valencia Marathon.

In addition to monitoring their weekly training plan, users will be able to use other features such as the time forecast calculator, which will allow runners to see their progress during the training and the time they could achieve.

The application also allows users to compete in intermediate challenges during the training process. This will enable them to evolve and progress in their sporting development with Serrano’s technical staff.

Valencia Virtual Marathon 4 the Planet plans

The +42KValencia app will also help runners registered for the Valencia Virtual Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP 4 the Planet, the virtual version of the race that allows runners to enjoy Valencia from anywhere in the world.

These plans will be extended to this format, where 15 of the 16 weeks will be common for runners from all over the world, as the challenge can be completed in the last week in one, two, three or four days, depending on each participant.

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