Valencia Marathon chooses Médecins du Monde as the charity for its next race

26 March, 2021

The steering committee for the Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP, represented by the Ajuntament de València, SD Correcaminos and the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, has decided that Médecins du Monde is the charity with which the race and the runners will collaborate in 2021.

The application process has been finalised with the representatives from the three institutions chosing Médecins du Monde, an independent association that works to deliver the right to health to everyone, especially to vulnerable populations. The project the charity is linking to the marathon will involve health monitoring and COVID vaccination for groups at risk of social exclusion.

Medicos del Mundo

The jury -composed of Pilar Bernabé (Ajuntament de València), Paco Borao (SD Correcaminos) and Juan Miguel Gómez (Trinidad Alfonso Foundation)- decided to make Médecins du Monde the beneficiary of the voluntary contributions from the runners registered for the race, which is scheduled for 5 December 2021, as well as the ‘1 euro per runner’ scheme by the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, the main race partner.

Entidad Solidaria 2021

Since 2011, the charities supported by the Valencia Marathon each year have received joint contributions from the participants and the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation to a value of over 209,000 euros.

Endorsement from Fundación Lealtad

Once again this year, the Valencia Marathon has been helped by the work of Fundación Lealtad through its prior study and audit of all the applications received from the NGOs, foundations and entities that have proposed their projects for support in 2021. Fundación Lealtad has established evaluation criteria for assessing the 34 projects from 32 different organisations presented this year, aiding the final selection process by the marathon.

Ana Mª Pérez Solaz, the regional president of Metges Del Món Comunitat Valenciana, expressed “great joy that they have selected us as a charity for the Valencia Marathon. Thanks to this support we will be able to facilitate access to health resources and vaccinations for the most vulnerable groups, and in this way contribute to improving everyone’s health”.

Pilar Bernabé, the councillor for sports at the Ajuntament de València, acknowledged that “the Valencian people have many virtues, among which can be included their solidarity with people from all parts, and most especially through sport. The contribution from the marathon runners and their contribution to help the charitable activities carried out by Médecins du Monde to aid the most vulnerable populations and especially in COVID monitoring and vaccination programmes in groups at risk of social exclusion, is without doubt a reason for pride and hope”.

Finally, Juan Miguel Gómez, the project director with the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, the race’s main partner, said “for us it is a joy to see how our contribution to the charity has increased each year because this has meant seeing the number of runners crossing the finish line grow. Our goal for 2021 is to once again see thousands of participants running along the Marathon’s walkway, which will mean thousands of euros to help Médecins du Monde to carry out its humanitarian medical assistance”.

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