Valencia Ciudad del Running keeps the pace promoting the marathon and half marathon at the Paris and Rotterdam Runners’ fairs

9 April, 2015

This week the promotional tour of the main running events in Valencia hits Paris and Rotterdam. These cities are two of the most important promotional stops for The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon.

The first stop will be the Paris Runners fair, the Paris Marathon takes place this Sunday, 12th of April. This ensures that the Ciudad Del Running promotional team will be able to reach the maximum amount of people. From Thursday the 9th of April until the 11th of April the team will be informing them of the splendors that await them in Valencia’s world class long distance events.

France is one of the biggest providers of runners in the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon. Last year 447 runners hopped over the Pyrenees to compete. France is the 3rd best represented country in the race; they are behind the Italians in 2nd place, who are the best represented country outside of Spain, but above the Brits who come in at 4th place.

Feria Paris_

Over this weekend we will also be at the Rotterdam fair that takes place on Friday 10th of April and Saturday 11th of April. The marathon will be on Sunday the 12th of April in the Dutch city.

As it has become the norm, at both fairs we will be holding a prize draw and giving away 2 free race registrations for the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon. The results of the draw will be posted on our website next Wednesday. Additionally, this year runners attending the fairs will be able to book their travel deal package and race registration at the stand. Booking directly means that runners have everything taken care of in one place meaning your stay in Valencia will be as comfortable as possible.


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