Traders in the historic centre and the marathon drive the “Valencia Shopping Run”

5 October, 2015

The campaign driven by the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation and the Traders association in the Historic Centre of Eixample will be presented under the slogan “Traders are also running the marathon”,  in order to involve businesses in the city in the next Trinidad Alfonso Valencia marathon, celebrated on 15 November.

The campaign promoting the “VALENCIA SHOPPING RUN” is meant for Valencian traders to explore the opportunities that the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia marathon brings to the city and to establish commercial links favouring everyone; Both people from the neighbourhood, and the large number of visitors that, just days before the trial, will be making the most of the opportunity to get to know and enjoy the city, because they are here for the marathon.

Paco Borao, president of SD Correcaminos, as organoser of the event, highly values this opportunity to get traders in the city involved: “We are delighted that the Traders Association in the Historic Centre wants to join in the marathon. The main beneficiary is the runner who will be in every sector of the city, and who, on Sunday will be going around the city during the marathon.”

In the coming days, the Traders Association in the Historc Centre of Eixample will start a commnincation campaign aimed to involve as many businesses in the initiative as possible and to participate in the different parallel actions that will be going on during the “VALENCIA SHOPPING RUN”; activities as diverse as a window dressing contests, discounts for marathon runners and their families, promotional gifts as an incentive to buy, etc. Everything focussed towards the city being energised and full of buzz in preparation for the big event on Sunday 15 November.

Several meetings have already been held in order to launch the project, and more than 75 businesses are already interested in taking advantage of the synergy between the marathon and the city. Meetings which José Puentes, diector of Events at the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation affirms: “After having formed patnerships with hotels, restaurants, and las fallas … with this project we are taking a step towards involving all the other sectors in the city with the Valencia marathon. We want the city to live and breathe the marathon in every corner, so that the runners that visit, and their companions, feel like they are in the City of Running all of the time”.

A bold new action, the “VALENCIA SHOPPING RUN” which Carlos Galiana, commercial advisor to the Valencian government, positively assesed: The marathon is a big oportunity for the city, and this action, promoted by the Trinidad Alfonoso Foundation, is a great opportunity for the traders in the historic centre and Eixample. Everthing that helps to create synergy in favour of the city, and with small businesses at the base, helps us to grow”.

In turn, for the traders in the the historic centre and Eixample, this action is a challenge which they want to live up to and to make the most of: “The culture of hard work is deeply engrained in the tarders’ mentality, day by day, from raising the shutters to closing, maintaining a high level of customer service is hard work, a real effort that is vital to sustaining the small businesses in the Centre and, in this case, this helps to keep us motivated” said Rafael Torres, president of the association.

The campaingn “VALENCIA SHOPPING RUN” will therefore be, another incentive for the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia marathon to continue to consilidate itself as the best marathon in Spain.

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