Run To Valencia Television show returns to celebrate countdown to Valencia Marathon

8 October, 2015

A clear signal that the fuse has been lit for the big day and people are starting to feel the buzz of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon is the transmission of the annual television program ‘Run to Valencia’. The program is a celebration of the city, it’s identity as La ciudad del Running and a celebration of the runners, organizers and volunteers who make the big day so special.

6 runners have been selected to appear on the TV show this year and share their stories of how they are going to conquer the 42.195 km that awaits them in November. The TV show is made in collaboration with espacio Movistar+ and the Fundación Trinidad Alfonso.

There 8 episodes in the series that will be broadcast every Saturday on the CANAL+ Sports channel from the 3rd of October. The program starts at 20:35. The program gives you a wonderful eye on the back story of the runners, the city, the sacrifice, courage and benefits of running. You can also watch the program every Monday at 14:15 from the 5th of October on CANAL+.

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