Sorolla inspires and breathes life into the Valencia Marathon

8 June, 2018

No artist has ever been better at capturing Valencia’s light and daily goings-on than Joaquín Sorolla. He was born in Valencia and we are sure that if he were alive today, his canvases would be filled with runners and people cheering them on. That is because Valencia has become ‘The Running City’, and the Marathon is its biggest sporting event.

Sorolla inspires and breathes life into the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon in an advertising campaign in which Sport and Art go hand-in-hand. ‘The Making of’ video shows how we got the idea for the TV advert and how we put this ambitious project into action.

Enter now for Spain’s best marathon. Follow Sorolla’s brush strokes and come and run in Valencia. Long live ‘The Marathon Party’ in ‘The Running City’!


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