Run Happy with Brooks

12 November, 2015

The official sporting sponsor of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon is Brooks Running. The innovative running company will be one of the biggest exhibitors at the Runners Fair, at the Expo Deporte Valencia this weekend. On the 13th and 14th of November, Brooks will be holding many events to help your feet and your running. Brooks wants to help you Run Happy.

One of the most fun activities that Brooks has organized is the ‘Human Scaletrix’. The hand controls and power will not be supplied by the mains electricity but by runner energy! The faster you run, the faster your scaletrix car will go. Feel free to challenge your friends to see who can win the race! This is just one way you can run happy 🙂

Brooks will also have action for you to take part in away from their stand. As you are walking around the fair, keep an eye out for the banana man! If you find the banana man you can participate in the Brooks prize draw with a guaranteed prize for participants. A great prize for finding a banana, right? Brooks has also created a treadmill that will take you on a virtual tour of the best parts of Valencia. Feel like your running the marathon before 15/11 and get your friends to take a photo!

And, of course, Brooks will be displaying their full range of sneakers and running gear. You will get to see and play with the latest equipment that is not in the shops yet. Brooks also designed and made the Valencia official marathon merchandise and runners T-shirts.

Brooks + Expodeporte + Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon = Happy Running

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