Place confirmation process for runners registered for 2021

7 June, 2021


The organisers of the Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP opens the confirmation process for runners registered in the 2020 race who decided to transfer their bib to 2021.

The race will be held on 5 December, but it will have capacity restrictions and require participants to comply with the individual health requirements established by the organisers in order to ensure they are free of COVID-19. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to detail these requirements as they have not yet been defined, since it is impossible to know the exact COVID-19 situation for next autumn several months ahead. It will not be known until September whether vaccination, a negative PCR or antigen test, or several of these conditions will have to be met at the same time.

We surveyed participants, and we have learned that this uncertainty about requirements, coupled with the time that has elapsed since runners registered, means many no longer wish to participate in 2021.

Now is the time to consider how many runners will take part in the 2021 race, and we need to know who wants to run and who doesn’t from among the participants who have transferred their registration to 2021.

We are, therefore, asking runners to confirm their intention to participate in the race this year or, on the other hand, opt to request a refund on their registration fee, by filling in their bank account number for a full transfer of the amount within the next 30 days. Under no circumstances can the place be forwarded to the 2022 race, nor may the bib be transferred to another person.

All the runners who wish to run in 2021 must confirm this option before 30 June, so the organisers have sufficient time to organise the numbers and ensure that thousands of runners can compete in a way that is safe for everyone.

Participants who do not confirm their wish to run this year’s race through the Valencia Marathon registration platform before 30 June will not be able to keep their place for this year, but they will be able to obtain a refund for 100% of their registration fee on the platform.

All the runners who confirm their desire to run in 2021 within the deadline will have their place reserved. However, if, when the date of the race arrives, the measures or recommendations of the health authorities prevent the race from being held with the number of runners registered at that time, the organisers will hold a draw among the registered runners and those selected will be able to participate in the race, while the registration fee will be refunded to those who have not been selected in the draw.

Regardless, the organisers will continue to offer all runners the option of withdrawing from the race for any reason, and they will be able to recover 100% of their registration fee until 1st of October.

New registrations for Valencia Marathon

The organisers will soon open a waiting list for this year’s race in order to be able to register new runners if the number of withdrawals allows new registrations to be made, although always maintaining the maximum capacity that has been proposed and which is now being discussed with the health and administrative authorities.

Any new registrations will be entered in strict order of registration on the waiting list, however, being included on the list does not guarantee a place for the race this year or in forthcoming years.

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