Official Statement

17 May, 2019

The Marathon and Half Marathon Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP Organising Committee and 2CRAS Sports Management have agreed to suspend their collaboration within the area of elite athletes selection.

The history of the mentioned collaboration, started in 2009, has been of great general success and has upgraded Valencia to one of the most worldwide brilliant scenarios for road race events.

Thanks to the joint efforts of 2CRAS and Valencia Organisation, the Marathon course record was improved from 2h11:29 to 2h04:31 (men) and from 2h28:08 to 2h21:14 (women); and on the Half Marathon the course record improved from 1h01:32 to 0h:58:18 (men) and from 1h11:16 to 1h04:51 (women).

The Valencia Organising Committee wants to express its deep thanks to the work having been performed by 2CRAS and its team within the spirit of trying to build up teams towards fast, strong, and attractive races.

2CRAS as well as the Valencia Maraton and Half Maraton start from now on their splitted way towards their own task to achieve new sportive challenges.

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