Objective Rio: The Valencian marathon will give prize money for Olympic qualifying times

16 June, 2015

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon will reward the effort of elite international runners who have the possibility to run at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games 2016. The 5,000 Euros will be given to any athlete that achieves the Olympic qualifying time required by their national athletics federation. The 5,000 Euros is only for the marathon distance, and for runners permitted to run at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games 2016.
The 5,000 Euro is cumulative; it is possible to win the 5,000 Euros alongside any other prizes won in the Valencian Marathon. To get the 5,00 Euros the runner must achieve the qualifying time in Valencia on the 15th of November, and due to this time be selected by their national federation and represent his/her country at the Olympic Games 2016. To receive this prize, there are conditions that must be abided to guarantee sportsmanship and support the aim of this in getting to the Olympic Games.
The arrival of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games gives Valencia an excellent opportunity, as one of the Premium long distance events, to be the ideal place for athletes to get their Olympic qualifying time and take part in the games. The aim of the program ‘De Valencia a Rio’ is for a large number of elite international runners to achieve their goal on the excellent Valencia course that runs through the city. Valencia is the premium event on Spanish soil and one of the best in Europe; last March the Valencia Marathon was recognized as ‘Best Spanish Marathon’ by the RFEA.

Jose Royo

To aid the runners in getting their qualifying times the Valencia Marathon will supply 3 different groups of pacemakers that will run at the appropriate pace and help them get the 5,000 Euro prize. Furthermore, the Valencia Marathon organizers will pay for accommodation, travel and race registration for runners who are in contention for an Olympic place. The runner’s national federation will be in charge of the accreditation process.
This venture will spread the name of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon organization to new countries and consolidate potential long distance running markets. ‘De Valencia a Rio’ will attract many fans from many new and different countries as they watch the Valencia event to see if their national athletes can get their qualifying times and go to the Rio de Janeiro games.
The information pack has been sent to over 200 athletic federations around the world. It has also been sent to national and international managers and coaches. Athletes that are interested in taking part in this project with the possibility of obtaining the 5,000 Euro award should register before the 30th of September 2015.

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