Manage your booking to run in Valencia

15 June, 2015

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Valencia Ciudad del Running offers runners the possibility to manage everything they need to travel and participate in the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon.

For more info and to book your runners’ package please call ‘welcome to Valencia’ managed by Transvia Travels (Viajes Transvía).

Spain: 96 387 09 96 Outside of Spain: 0034 96 387 09 96

If you are travelling from Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Rotterdam, London, Mannheim and Stockholm please read on to find out how you can book everything in one go. In the booking you will have; flight, hotel, race registration and 0% frustration.



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If you want to go ahead and just book your hotel please go to our platform www.welcometovalencia.com www.welcometovalencia.com



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