How to get to Valencia’s Runners’ Fair and to the Start

28 November, 2018

The Runners’ Fair for the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon is at the Science Museum in The City of Arts and Sciences.

The Start of the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Half-Marathon 2018 is sited at Puente de Monteolivete (bridge) on the road closest to the Hemisphere. The first wave of runners will leave at 8:30 A.M. We strongly recommend you arrive at your Start Box with time to spare.

Start of the Valencia Marathon

How to Reach The Runners’ Fair and the Start

You can use public transport to get to both The Runners‘ Fair and the Start.

EMT buses

Bus Lines 35-95 and 99 are the ones with stops closest to the Start/Finish area. Extra buses will be run from 6 P.M. onwards. Other bus lines with stops close to the Start/Finish are: 1-13-14-25-40

EMT Valencia Marathon


Along with your race bib and runner’s bag, you will receive a €1 coupon for use in all Valencia’s taxis between Friday the 30th of November and Monday the 3rd of December. Up to four runners can travel together on the same coupon.

Marathon Discount for Valencia’s Taxis

Bicycle and Valenbisi

There are cycle parks in the area (see map) whether you use your own bicycle or a Valenbisi hire bike. On the 2nd of December, the Valenbisi service will be free for its subscribers.

There will be an area to park bicycles on the Ground Floor car park of the ‘Umbracle’ (the pergola-covered Gardened Esplanade in The City of Arts and Sciences complex).


If you wish to use your car, there are car parks close to the Start/Finish area.

  • Car Park 1: Pabellón Fuente de San Luis A and B. (300 and 200 parking places, respectively).
  • Car Park 2: Avenida Antonio Ferrandis (800 parking places)
  • Car Park 3 : Av. Tres Cruces (Bulevar Sur). There is the option of catching an EMT bus from this point (Line 99) to get to near the Start/Finish area. Ideal for runners’ companions. (1,250 parking places).
  • Car Park 4. Centro comercial Aqua (shopping centre). (2,400 parking places)
  • Car Park 5. Oceanarium (Pay-to-Park: €6 for the whole day on presentation of your running bib in the Car Park’s Control Centre — you will be given a discount ticket, which you must enter in the ticket machine). (860 parking places)

Valencia Marathon – Car Parks

For more detailed information on access to The Runners’ Fair and the Start of the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Marathon, we strongly recommend you consult The Final Instructions.


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