The history of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon in 25 images

14 December, 2015

As a celebration of the 25 years of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon, a public exhibition of the most iconic photos of the event were displayed out in the open on the paseo Ruzafa de Valencia. As people walked around the city they could see and interact with the images of their city and their event.

Here you will find the images that were displayed in the exhibition that tell the story from the humble first race to its international blockbuster standing as one of the best half marathons in Europe and the world.

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The Eighties

In the eighties nobody ran in Spain. To see someone jogging in a park or through the streets would have been a very rare sight. The first half marathon was celebrated and ran by a very small but dedicated group of Valencians. It really is funny that for the first few editions, the citizens complained about roads being closed! Now thousands of Valencians flood the streets and cheer on the runners; First they ignore you, then they think you are weird, then after a few years everybody joins the party!! The Valencian long distance running events were adopted by the local government as a major event, and the then fledgling SD Correcaminos Athletics Club started to grow in size and local influence. SD Correcaminos is now one of the biggest running clubs in Spain and its president is the Director of the International Long Distance Association (AIMS), based in the Olympic Stadium in Athens.

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The Nineties

The early nineties is when the Valencia Half Marathon and its full marathon really began to build its reputation as a great event for national amateur and elite runners. The city held the Spanish Championships and runners from all over Spain were swelling the ranks of Valencian running events. The 20KM running circuit that started in the nineties is still the basis for a lot of the race today.

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The New Millennium

The first decade of the new millennium ushered in a new brilliant future for long distance running in Valencia. Culture and mentalities had moved on; Valencians had adopted many lifestyle cues from Northern Europe and Northern America.  In 2006 Valencia celebrated its first half marathon in the fully professional and international version that you see now. The race course distance was officially measured and the race started to exponentially pick up in numbers of runners and spectators. The race and the city became well known around the world as Valencia’s fame increased due to its all-star football team, spectacular modern architecture and Formula One race.

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2010 and Onwards, Valencia recognized as top event and record breaking course

The Half Marathon increased in size and quality every year as more sponsors came on board and the organizers became more ambitious. Valencia became the fastest half marathon in Spain and a favourite fixture in the winter running calendar.

From 2010, Valencia became known as La Ciudad Del Running, the half marathon, full marathon and more than 50 other road races annually, cemented Valencia’s place as the top running spot in Spain and one of the best in the world. In 2012 the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation took over lead sponsorship and naming rights of the events. This, in combination with the ambition of SD Correcaminos and the Valencia Government lead to a strategic plan to make Valencia one of the top running destinations in the world. There isn’t a runner in the world who hasn’t heard of Valencia and its fantastic conditions for running a half marathon in October. After 25 years of experience, grit, determination and commitment to excellence, Valencia is where it deserves to be; in the crown of World long distance events.

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