Customize your finisher medal

The goal of every runner is to reach the finish line.

This is an unforgettable achievement for several reasons: Because it is the first marathon that you run, because you have fully motivated to train or because you aimed at achieving your personal best in the 21,097.5 metre race.

No matter what your goal is, once you have crossed the finish line of the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon, you can engrave your time and your name on your medal forever.

Medal Valencia Half Marathon

All the runners who take part in the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon can now register to have their finisher medal engraved with their name and the time they achieved.

You have three possibilities to book this service::

  • Before the Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP. You can book it on-line before the race. Make sure you get your customized medal at the best price here5 euros. 
  • After crossing the finish line, once you have completed the race. The price will be 10 euros.