The Valencia Half Marathon and the Marathon have beaten their all-time participation records

3 October, 2016

Valencia, the city of Running, has made history again thanks to its two long-distance races. The Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon, organized by SD Correcaminos and the Valencia City Government, and the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon, also organized by the oldest running club in the city, have hit an all-time participation high. More than 13,000 runners have signed up for the Valencia Half Marathon which will take place on the 23rd of October, while 17,500 runners have already signed up for the Valencia Marathon a month and a half before it takes place.

Participation numbers have surged this year in both races in comparison with 2015 when 12,518 runners took part in the Half Marathon and 16,682 runners in the 42,195 metre race.

Valencia has also beaten international records

With more than 2,100 foreign participants, the Valencia Half Marathon will be the most international 21,097.5 metre race in the city since it took place for the first time 26 years ago. The largest number of foreign runners will come from Italy, with 850 runners from the country. Followed by the Netherlands, with more than 230 runners, and the United Kingdom with around 200 runners. These will be the largest groups of foreign runners in a Marathon that will have participants from 70 different countries while there were 54 nationalities in the last edition of Valencia Half Marathon.

As for the 36th edition of the Valencia Marathon, it will also be the most international one, with more than 5,400 participants who come from 80 different countries while 4,253 visiting runners took part in the past edition. More than 1,600 Italian runners will come to the City of Running on the 20th of November to run the first marathon in Spain which has been awarded IAAF Road Race Gold Label. In addition, 600 French runners, 570 British ones, more than 550 from Belgium and 500 from the Netherlands have chosen Valencia as their destination this year to run a marathon.

Thousands of Spaniards will run in Valencia

National participation in the big events of Valencia, the City of Running, has also risen. The number of runners from the Peninsula taking part in the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon has increased by 2,675. There will be more than 1,300 runners from the region of Madrid, around 400 from Castilla-La Mancha and 240 runners from Catalonia in a half marathon with runners from all 50 provinces in Spain and the autonomous city of Ceuta.

As for the Valencia Marathon, runners will come from all the provinces in Spain and the two autonomous cities, Ceuta and Melilla. More than 1,700 runners from Madrid, 960 from Catalonia and around 700 from Andalusia will take part in the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon. In total, more than 5,800 runners from all over Spain will come to the City of Running and run the marathon. This figure represents a 12% increase compared to 2015 when 5,164 Spanish runners from cities other than Valencia took part in the race.

More women in Valencia

Women participation records have also been beaten in 2015. More than 3,000 women have signed up for the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon, which represents an increase of 14% compared to last year. In addition, the Valencia Marathon has also surpassed 2015 numbers when it is more than a month away. This represents a 22% growth compared to the past edition.

Valencia 10K achieves the 300,000 participant milestone

The 10K has also experienced a surge in popularity and more than 6,200 have already signed up for it. Participation has grown by 15% compared to participation numbers at this time last year and it is expected that the total number of runners peaks to 8,500. Amongst the registered runners, there are more than 3,000 women. This figure represents almost 50% of the total number of participants who will run along the new route of the 10K.

More than 1,000 foreign runners have already signed up for this edition, with more than 300 Italian participants, more than 130 from the United Kingdom and more than 120 from the Netherlands. This year’s foreign runners have already reached 2015 numbers. As for national runners, more than 1,200 people from regions other than Comunitat Valenciana have signed up for the race. There are 2,300 race places available and only one month left for the race.

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