The Guinness Book registers the solidarity contribution record the Half Marathon achieved in Valencia

12 January, 2015

Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Half Marathon is registered in the prestigious Guinness Book of Records, sharing pages with the most outstanding athletic feats or the most extraordinary stories of the world. In this case, the judges of the organization have validated the record that was achieved last October, 19th in relation to the greater contribution to a charity entity of a half marathon.

Specifically, € 9,336 were raised for the Spanish Association Against Cancer in an event that coincided with the International Day of the fight against breast cancer. The money was raised by the method of one euro each runner reaching the line, a reward for the effort that provided the main contributor of the Valencia Half Marathon, Trinidad Alfonso Foundation.

A new award to complete the historic 24th edition of Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Half Marathon, with record on Spanish soil in men, sixth-best mark of history, most participants ever, and now the new charity record that will remain in the annals of the Guinness Book of Records. Another recognition for a city that lives for running.

Medio Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso.
Mitja Marató València Trinidad Alfonso.

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