Get your best finishing time by using the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon pacemakers

8 October, 2015

The countdown has begun to the big day and all the runners have set their goals for the race.  Every year the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon provides pace setting runners who are spread out around the course. These pacemakers are easily identifiable as they wear the time that they will finish the marathon on their jerseys. This means that runners can keep pace with these runners to make sure they finish the race in the time they aim for.

The pacemakers are very experienced runners who run at a constant pace over the 21.097 meters. There are different ‘speeds’ of pacemakers to help runners finish in their desired time, they are invaluable as they will help the runners concentrate on running and not be looking at watches, clocks and kilometer markers as they push themselves around the course.

There are 4 different groups of pacemakers to help the runners. For those aiming to finish in the very top bracket there are 1h30’ pacemakers and then we get a bit slower from 1h45’ to 2h and 2h15’. The pacemakers will enter the start line area just before the race so runners can easily locate them.

These ‘guides’ will help you get your PB and to finish in a good time. 21 km is a long way to run, with a target to follow and keep up with your marathon will be more interesting and you may finish in a time you never thought possible.


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