Five tips about the ‘5k Circuit’: 1. Signals and Homologation

31 August, 2015

5K Circuit is a specific circuit construction for running, with favourable conditions for runners, for whom is intended and designed. The special conditions of the elements composing the surface and the different layers along the 5,731 metres of the route make this a special track for runners.

It is for this reason that the route is marked in many of its points, mainly its two ends and some walkways open to other users of the Turia Gardens, with special signals containing the silhouette of two runners in white colour on a blue background recalling the specific use to practice running or footrace, and no other uses that from now have other spaces in the large Valencian garden.

In addition, the 5K Circuit will have a number of different useful signals along the track for Valencian runners or visitors in the city. The most interesting for users of this particular route are the kilometre markers that mark the route of the circuit every 100 meters along its five kilometres. This is a practical guide for runners with constant references in their races. The distance was also certify by the judges of the Real Federación Española de Atletismo [Royal Spanish Athletics Federation] with official homologation methods that give precise reference to the user, and it will be useful, for instance, in the practice of different series distances that are part of the usual preparation of runners.

Runners, in turn, will have a reference of the entire route at zero and five kilometre markers to check the route. A visual location of the area occupied by the 5K Circuit, which will be very useful for runners who do not know the garden or visit us to enjoy Valencia Ciudad del Running. At the same time, these panels have on its back the signs of Cooper Test (consisting of running the maximum distance possible in 12 minutes).

Finally, the user of 5K Circuit will be able to access different information to know the current locations as they pass through the Turia Gardens and the city tour, different historical monuments of Valencia, or other points of interest nearby, which can complete their experience running along Valencia.

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