Five tips about the ‘5k Circuit’: 2. Certified Pavement

31 August, 2015

5K Circuit pavement track is one of the major benefits that Valencia Ciudad del Running offers to all the users. A surface certified by the (IBV) Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia with the aim of offering a more comfortable and natural ground when running and also has an essential benefit: softening runner’s footsteps.

Three approved and certified layers by the IBV offer a less damaging surface for the usual practice of running, that basically suppose joint and muscle wasting, which this special track softens, making healthier racing in this 5K Circuit Turia Gardens.

Once chosen the area where the track was going to be built along the sections of the Turia Garden and throughout the entire construction of it, engineers and the construction company had embedded the three layers that compose it, which are about 60 centimetres thick.

– Layer 1: Draining gravel

– Layer 2: Compacted soil

– Layer 3: Continuous pavement of stabilized aggregate.

Besides offering a soften running and healthier footsteps, another major benefit of this surface is that it has a draining structure and a slightly tilted shape to absorb rain water, so no puddles and muddy areas will appear along the route, making the practice more enjoyable those few days in the year when the weather and the sun are less favourable for runners it Valencia Ciudad del Running.

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