Feleke, Mutai, Yego, Mwangangi and Kisorio will lead the group of runners as they fly over Valencia

10 November, 2016

More than 19,000 runners will take part in the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon, organized by SD Correcaminos and the Valencia City Government. Among them, there is a small group of outstanding runners who will take the lead. The current race winners, John Nzau Mwangangi and Beata Naigambo, will not find it easy to win again this year, since there will be a group of runners who will give their best at the Valencia Marathon and will aim at achieving the best times ever in the history of Spain.

In the 2016 edition, 16 male runners with times under 02:10:00 will take part in the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon. The Kenyan Geoffrey Mutai comes first with a time of 2:04:15 (there is no doubt he was the best marathoner in 2011 and 2012; now he wants to make up for lost time due to injuries) and the Ethiopian Getu Feleke Zegeye (whit a time of 2:04:50, he has done times under 2:06:00 on several occasions in his sports career). Furthermore, the current race champion and the best mark in Spain (2:06:13), John Nzau Mwangangi, will also aim at mounting the podium together with Solomon Kirwa Yego, best Half Marathon mark in 2016 (58:44, Roma Ostia), the young Cosmas Kiplimo Lagat (winner of the Seville Marathon this year) or the runner-up in the 2015 Valencia Marathon Matthew Kipkoech Kisorio.

There will be great female runners in the 2016 edition of the 42,195 metre race too. The outstanding Lucy Wangui Kabuu, with a time under 2:20:00 in 2012, will take part in the Valencia Marathon and 8 more women under 02:30:00 will also run here. The twice champion in Valencia Beata Naigambo will have to try her best if she wants to win for the third time in the City of Running.

Many top athletes come to Valencia thanks to Personal Best

Participation of men with times under 02:20:00 and women under 02:45:00 has rocketed thanks to Personal Best, a new program addressed to top athletes. There will be up to 54 men from 20 different countries and 19 women from 14 nationalities who qualify as elite athletes and who will strive to beat their personal best in six different groups led by pacemakers. Among them, 6 men and 2 Spanish women will try to break their own records. Some well-known runners will take part in it, such as the Valencian Marta Esteban or Rafa Iglesias. In addition, 23 runners have chosen Valencia to make the leap to the longest distance from the Olympic programme.

A high-speed 10K

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia 10K will take place at the same time that the Valencia Marathon and top athletes will also strive to mount its podium. Among male runners, Jaouad Oumellal stands out, and among female runners, the ones who stand out are Salima Charki and the current Spanish marathon winner Paula González Berodia.


MEN AthleteCountryPBWOMEN AthleteCountryPB
MUTAI Geoffrey KipronoKEN2h04:15KABUU Lucy WanguiKEN2h19:34
ZEGEYE, Getu FelekeETH2h04:50CHERENET, Betelhem MogesETH2h24:29
MWANGANGI John NzauKEN2h06:13AIYABEI Valary JemeliKEN2h25:26
YEGON, Gilbert KollumKEN2h06:18ZENNEBE, Aberu MekuriaETH2h25:30
KIRUI Peter CheruiyotKEN2h06:31NAIGAMBO, BeataNAM2h26:57
KISORIO, Mathew KipkoechKEN2h06:33KIPROP Nancy JespkosgeiKEN2h27:34
EL AZIZ MustaphaMAR2h07:55HE YinliCHN2h27:35
KEMBOI, Nicholas KipngenoKEN2h08:01TEJEDA PUCUHUARAINGA, GladysPER2h28:12
LAGAT Cosmas KiplimoKEN2h08:14QUAGLIA, Emma LindaITA2h28:15
YEGO Solomon KirwaKEN2h08:31FERNANDES, VanessaPOR2h31:25
HASSANE, AhoucharMAR2h08:47AYACHI, FatimaMAR2h33:50
LEBID, SergiiUKR2h08:32ESTEBAN, MartaESP2h34:42
ROTICH, Milton KiplagatKEN2h08:55CASANUEVA, MarisaESP2h34:57
KIPCHIRCHIR VictorKEN2h09:13FIGUEROA, Ángela MaríaCOL2h40:17
KOGEI David KipketerKEN2h10:13ROA, KarenUSAdebut (1h14:35)
IGLESIAS, RafaelESP2h10:44BIAGETTI, LauraITAdebut (1h16:35)
KIPTUM AbrahamKEN2h11:36ROMAN, SonjaSLOdebut (15:40)
BOUNASR, Salah EddineMAR2h11:53
BILAL, MohammedMAR2h11:11
ROMAN, KejzarSLO2h11:50
CÁCERES, NachoESP2h11:58
MAZIBUKO Papie MichaelRSA2h12:29
KEMBOI, EdwinAUT2h12:58
LEIVA, JaimeESP2h13:41
ZABLOCKI, ChrisUSA2h15:39
MOLINA, José ArielARG2h15:23
AYALA, Derlys RamónPAR2h17:27
STUTZEL, SimonGER2h17:51
ROZE, RenarsLET2h19:02
KANGOGO Albert KipkosgeiKENdebut (59:29)
ROTICH Edwin KipsangKENdebut (59:32)
DGHOUGHI, AissaMARdebut (1h01:44)
ZITANE, OuaisMARdebut (1h01:54)
MUTETI, Daniel MuindiKENdebut (1h02:11)
GARIBOLDI SimoneITAdebut (1h02:51)
PINTO, RuiPORdebut (1h04:14)
JARVENPAA, JarkkoFINdebut (1h04:30)
ALEM, Kidanu BekeretETIdebut (1h04:58)
GIRGESONS, JanisLETdebut (1h05:10)
KLEIST, AndersSUEdebut (1h05:20)
BRANCATTO, AlessandroESPdebut (1h05:45)
FILIPAZZO, NicholasUSAdebut (1h05:55)
BELLANI, HichamMARdebut (27:55)
PIMENTEL, LicinioPORdebut (29:08)
CAMILO, SantiagoESPdebut (29:15)
PEÓN, MarcosESPdebut (29:59)
MUGA, RuiPORdebut (30:07)
ZARCO, IvánESPdebut (30:11)
TARUS Eliud KipropKENPacer
YEGON GeoffreyKENPacer
Hicham EttaichmiMARPacer
Adil El HandMARPacer

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