Face the race with the advice of the Olympic champion Stefano Baldini

11 November, 2016

‘Training, sacrifice and discipline’. These are some of the requirements it takes to run a marathon, a race which is not only about running 42 km, it is also about training and doing so on your own, facing the eternal rival: time. Stefano Baldini knows the score well and he wants all runners who take part in the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon to meet their personal challenges. That is why he has given a series of recommendations. Stefano Baldini represents Enervit, the official energetic gel brand of the marathon.

Baldini is the epitome of effort

The Italian runner has been competing for years and in his long record he has been awarded several prizes. Now he is 47 and he holds the title of 2004 Athens Olympic Marathon champion, which is no mean achievement. He is the second Italian runner to win a gold medal in the Olympics and he broke the mould in the running world since he proved that white marathoners also have the required physical qualities to win a marathon.

A victory gained after many defeats. In 1996, Stefano Baldini took part in his first Olympic Games but he didn’t qualify for the 5,000 metre final. Years ago, when he was still a kid, he competed in athletics events running distances of 5 and 10 thousand metres. However, he never achieved great results at an international level. It was not that he lacked the required qualities, it was just that the young athlete had not found his place in the running world. That place was the marathon. He would find it out years later.

Stefano Baldini was born to be a marathoner: not an average one but a worthy winner, and all his medals prove so. He won in Rome in 1998 with 02:09:33, in the European Championships in Budapest, Hungary, in Canada in 2001 and, three months after that, in Madrid. He came in third in the 2003 Paris World Championship and he was first in the 2006 European Championships in Gothenburg. These are only some of the medals that this top runner has received.

However, he didn’t achieve his personal best in any of those competitions. He achieved it in the London Marathon, when he came in fifth with a time of 2 hours 7 minutes and 22 seconds. He has not improved that mark so far but he keeps fighting to win his own battle and add another personal best to his list of self-improvement and success.

Join Baldini in a Gold Label challenge

Runners are looking forward to reaching their goals in the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon, a race which will celebrate a very special occasion this year: not only has it won the title of best race in the history of Spain by the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation but it has also been awarded the IAAF Gold Label. Valencia has hence become a reference city to enjoy running and its status has improved thanks to the race. Stefano Baldini, as the representative of Enervit, will not miss the race.

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