Feel Expo Deporte Valencia from your house

14 November, 2015


Maratón Radio will be at the Expo Deporte Valencia with two live shows on the weekend. The first of them will be on Friday at 17h and the second on Saturday at 13h from the studios of the enclosure situated at the Museo Príncipe Felipe. For these two spaces of one hour each one, will parade the main runners of the weekend.

The race day will take the main event of the weekend. Marathon Radio will be the only radio that will broadcast live the 35th edition of the Marathon of Valencia Trinidad Alfonso. At 8.30am will start a half an hour prior to the 9h and they are going to tell what happens in both the 10k race and the Marathon. Two motorcycles in front of the stage, broadcasting from the cockpit of line and interviews zone to cover the race.


Corriendo Voy will bring to your houses everything that happens in Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon. On Saturday, from the television set located in Expo Deporte Valencia, a talk show will be broadcast live by different members of Marathon, organizers, managers, elite athletes, popular athletes, sponsors, etc.

The show will have morning and afternoon sessions and can be followed live on the website of the Valencia Marathon (www.maratonvalencia.com) from 11 in the morning during all Saturday.


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