Campaña Navidad

This Christmas we are going to make sure your nearest and dearest give you a present you really want. Is it going to be a bottle of cologne or a jersey with a reindeer motif? No way! We are going to subtly tell them that your heart is set on a race bib for the Valencia Half-Marathon and/or Marathon.

Given that asking straight out for a gift is considered rude, we are going to have to drop broad hints instead but how? With four infallible strategies that will make sure everyone around you knows that your heart is set on a bib to run in Valencia.

Each week, we will come up with a different sure-fire strategy. All you have to do is put it into action, share it, and label it so that we can see the result. Don’t miss them!

Strategy#1 Time to decorate

If you have not already done so, this weekend is when you have to set up the Christmas Tree, the Nativity Scene, put a Father Christmas in the window, and hang up the Christmas lights. Don’t think of it as a chore; look on it as a golden opportunity.

Hang your medal on the Christmas Tree as a festive decoration, make sure one of the Nativity Scene figures is wearing your Garmin, or place your running shoes under the tree. Forget the usual Christmas stockings and put your running socks out instead. Why not make the stream running through the Nativity Scene as blue as the boardwalk to the Finish or the Arch marking the Finishing Line? What’s important is that everyone gets the message. Don’t forget to post your handiwork on social media for maximum impact!

Go on, we dare you!

Campaña Navidad Maratón Valencia y Medio Maratón Valencia

Estrategy #2 The Mole

The Letter to Father Christmas. This is a classic way of getting the gifts you want. The trouble is that while it works for children, it is frowned on for grown-ups. Our mission this week is therefore to use the kids. If you do not have children, use your grandchildren, your youngest cousins or even some of the neighbours’ kids. The important thing is to put the message across. Take the youngsters in question and ask them to write their letters to Father Christmas. Make sure they add something on the lines of “and for mummy, a Valencia Marathon race bib” or “for my Uncle Bob, a Valencia Half-Marathon race bib”. Who could possibly say no? Remember, asking directly for a gift is considered bad manners — unless one happens to be under 12.

Strategy#3 Go for the social networks

By now your kith and kin should know that you are dreaming of a race bib for Christmas but what if they don’t? Well, in this case, we have another sure-fire strategy up our sleeves: memes.

Attack on all fronts: your family group, your parents, brothers, your friends’ ‘invisible friend’, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook or whatever. It’s Christmas and memes are the order of the day.

We have given you a few ideas but you can come up with some of your own. As always, remember to share them with others and to label them.

meme navidad vcr

Strategy#4 The ultimatum

There is no time to waste. If the penny has not dropped with them by now, it is time to resort to tougher strategies. Put on your running shoes and refuse to take them off no matter what. What if it’s Christmas Eve and there is a swish party? You guessed it, your fluorescent running shoes are a must! They are the perfect footwear for dinner with the in-laws. What about a spot of Christmas shopping? Well, switch on your Garmin and make a point of taking your pulse. If they offer you a beer, ask for a Powerade

 If you can, take a picture, share it and tag us.

This Xmas everyone who have asked for running, will get running!