The Valencia Half-Marathon donates €17,702 to Asociación Esperanza y Sonrisa [children’s cancer charity]

23 October, 2017

The Official Charity for the 27th edition of the Valencia-Trinidad Alfonso EDP Half-Marathon was Asociación Esperanza y Sonrisa, whose mission is to support research into children’s cancer.

On the 22nd of October 2017, the Valencia Half-Marathon handed over two cheques totalling €17,702 — the sum donated by runners taking part in the event plus a contribution from Fundación Trinidad Alfonso [sports foundation]. The donation was based on a contributionof €1 per runner” crossing the Finishing Line in the 27th edition of the trial.

Official Charity for the 2017 Valencia Half-Marathon

Elena Tejedor, Director of Fundación Trinidad Alfonso [sports foundation], the main sponsor of the trial, has paid over €12,281 — that is to say, €1 per finisher in this record-breaking event, plus €5,421 from other donations by runners. The donations will fund the cancer research project on suckling infants, which the Association has signed with Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria La Fe [health research institute].

Official Charity for the 2017 Valencia Half-Marathon

For the next edition, which will be held on the 28th of October 2018, the organisers of the trial have decided that the voluntary contributions made by runners during registration (now open for the next Half-Marathon) and other funds raised for charitable purposes will go to Fundación ACAVALL, the only charity in its field for over a decade. This foundation employs animal therapies with various groups in the Valencian region.

About Fundación ACAVALL

Our mission is to improve the quality of life and social integration of those who: are handicapped or are likely to become so; groups at risk from social exclusion; other vulnerable groups. The Foundation uses Animal-Assisted Therapy (A.A.T.) to these ends.

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