Why our races are not the same without you…

29 December, 2015

For that runner you see at every race but don’t know their name. For those volunteers that smile for you as you limp through the wall and give you the strength to push through. For the training sessions that helped us to be able to finish the race. For the butterflies in our stomach at the start line. For the stretches, smiles and cheers we shared with hundreds of runners who would all love to come back and fly through Valencia; La Ciudad Del Running.

Laughs, pains, sprains, support, fun and grit but also pure unadulterated focus for those that take their finishing times very seriously. Every moment in the build up and the race is the same in any race in the world but always different. It is in these moments of spontaneity and improvisation that each runner and each race and city finds its identity and soul. Every year is different but there are traditions and habits that that permeate through big sporting events like the roots of an ever growing tree that gets greener but more stable every year.

Valencia is La Ciudad Del Running because of you. The unforgettable moments of every race are imprinted in our hearts and memories by you. We have collected together some fo the best moments of the marathon and full marathon from the last 12 months and, of course, race day 2015. The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and Half Marathon are much more than events, they are collected memories and the essence of humanity born in sweat tears and howls of delight.

Check out our photo memories of the city, the race, and….. YOU!!! Thank you!! See you in 2016!


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