Bea Molina, winner of the Inaugural female Runner Fallero Competition

16 March, 2015

In the last edition of The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon a special competition within the marathon itself was held for the first time, the fastest Fallero (click here for explanation of what a fallero is).

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon encouraged runners from the local Fallas Associations to participate, not only in creating a wonderful atmosphere at the event but also by seeing which association had the fastest individual runners and which association could supply the most finishers. The initiative was well received and hundreds of falleros represented their associations, brimming with pride. In the 2015 edition we expect an even higher turn out from the fallas associations and even more intense, good-natured competition between the associations. Today we are here to tell you about Bea Molina, the fastest female Fallero, representing the Goya-Brasil Falla Association.

The win was a triple achievement for Bea, as she explained to us “Finishing a marathon is always a major high, but, if you are also the first Valencian to finish, Spanish and representing your local Fallas Association, well… you can imagine how I felt”. Her hat trick was even sweeter due to the fact that she had got over an injury just in time to compete in The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon.

During the Fallas celebrations it is difficult to train, but Bea is a disciplined runner, “My priority in life is training”, she emphatically told us. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t enjoy the Fallas celebration, but she does have to make some adjustments in her schedule “I have to train at different times to make sure I have time to see friends and family”. For this reason “the ‘desperta’, says Bea, “is great to get me out of bed and training in the early hours”. For those of you who have never been to Valencia in Fallas, ‘la desperta’ is a fireworks show that starts at 6am everyday in March.

Being a member of the Goya-Brasil Fallas Association is an advantage for Bea as there are another 20 marathon runners making up the numbers. Bea was the main reason for this number of people taking up the sport and she personally trained them all, and now “they are expert runners who love the sport”. These 20 runners are hoping to follow in the steps of Bea at the next Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and do their club proud “Representing your fallas Association is an added motivation to make it to the finish line and feel the support of your own”.

You can also be part of the running Fallero competition. Please indicate on your registration form that you would like to represent your Fallas Association.


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