Antonio Peleguer, winner of the inaugural Runner Fallero competion

17 March, 2015

As we have been reporting and remembering the best of the 2014 Valencia Trinidad Valencia Alfonso Marathon, it is our pleasure to tell you about the male winner of the Runner Fallero competition, Antonio Peleguer. Yesterday we spoke to Bea Molina the female winner of the title. Both runners received their prizes in a ceremony a few days ago. Antonio, the male Runner Fallero champion, represents the Quint – Pizarro Fallas Association from the town of Mislata, just outside the center of Valencia.

Antonio is a fallero from the Quint-Pizarro Falla association, during the Fallas period of March in Valencia he leaves his running shoes in the cupboard and puts the training on hold to devote all of his time to his other great passion; Fallas. “In March I relax completely and take part in all the fallas events I can”, he told us. There’s a good time for everything and Fallas is the perfect excuse to take a break from training and rest your legs

That being said, Toni doesn’t totally switch off from his passion for running during the Fallas celebrations. He takes advantage of being around the other Falleros top ut on their sneakers and hit the tarmac, as he explained to us “The number of runners in my Fallas association is increasing all the time, and little by little there are more women that are getting into running”. In fact the winner of the inaugural Runner Fallero competition is creating competition for himself in his own back yard, “ I have encouraged a lot of people from the association to take part in the next edition, there will definitely be more runners from the Quint Fallas Association competing in the 2015 edition than in the 2014 edition.”

So, when you see Toni crossing the finishing line with his usual celebration “Arms in the air to get the crowd going, celebrating the win”, he will do it bringing together his two great passions, running and Fallas, as well as feeling “the pride of representing The Quint-Pizarro Fallas Association.

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