Six essential sources of hydration for runners

17 August, 2015

Liquids are essential for athletes and even more so for runners because they are continuously losing them as they train. In summer dehydration can be even more of a problem and so here we discuss the six most important drinks for hydration and good athletic performance.
Fruits and vegetables, essential for maximum sporting performance
A good runner should never go without fruits and vegetables on the table. They both have a very high water content and, along with their vitamins, are an ideal food for any type of runner. From among the many types of vegetables, cucumber which contains 96% water, celery with 95%, tomatoes and peppers with 93%, and cauliflower with 92%, stand out. Fruit is also preferable to most other types of foods when considering its water content. Watermelon and peaches contain 92% water and along with the 91% contained in strawberries, they bring runners lots of fluids and vitamins. Salads and fruit salads are the best way to mix and eat all of these healthy and tasty foods at once.
Fish and meats, rehydrating proteins
Leaving carbohydrates to once side, which contain practically no water but should be included in an athlete’s diet in one way or another, we have meat and fish. Although on many occasions they are more appetising and nutritional than vegetables, and they also contain a lot of water, they can be less healthy. Salmon contains 67% water and contains certain fats that are essential for maintaining good athletic performance, which makes it highly recommended. Chicken or turkey breast also hydrates to a similar level and are the most beneficial meats for sports people for their low levels of fat.
Water, isotonic drinks, and juices: the best way to take in liquids
As for these liquids, a good runner should always carry a bottle of water, and, when they go on long distance runs, should carry an isotonic drink to replace the mineral salts that they can lose as the kilometres go by. We also crave juices when the heat beats down and all natural juices are hydrating, but it’s not a good idea to drink the ones with added sugar too often.
Enjoy beer in moderation, and recover
And, although surprising, among all liquids, beer is one of the best hydrators. This has an explanation: this fact was discovered, after many months of research, by Dr. Manuel Castillo, at the Department of Medicine at the University of Granada. Research that many runners, first enjoying their passion for running and following it up with one of the most popular drinks in the world, were already putting into practice in the knowledge that it is excellent for muscle recovery. Therefore, having a beer after a race can be beneficial for runners as long as it is done in moderation.

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