40 years and over, The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon

14 May, 2015

Passion for running is not marked by age. Any moment in life is good to strap on your snickers and enjoy yourself running through the city streets, stride after stride. That’s how the runners who come to Valencia year after year to do the half marathon feel. For some it’s challenge within itself, for others it’s training for marathons, and for to others it’s a midway step on the way to running a full marathon.

The Valencia Half Marathon makes no distinctions between age groups, everybody is welcome. Almost 50% of the total runners registered for this year’s marathon are over 40. The over 40s are a healthy, keen bunch of runners who devour the kilometers with a smile on their faces. Always looking for a new challenge and to have fun, the over 40s are a welcome addition to any marathon.

This group of runners goes right up to the grand old age of 72! This is the oldest runner registered so far for the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon this year. Furthermore it is the over 40s who make up the majority of runners for men and 41% of the women. This is all an indicator that your running life does not stop at 40: just the opposite!

As we always like to highlight, registrations from women are increasing every year, there is an increase in the over 40 group and those younger than 40. As we speak almost 25% of the total registered runners for this year are women. This is fantastic news as last year women made up 17% of the total runners. In some of the age groups there are even more women than men.

Lastly, just for kicks, we want you to know that not every age group is increasing in number. We have one age group that has not registered any runners. At this moment we do not have anybody registered to run who is 69! If you are 69, or know somebody that is, please make sure you register for the race that takes place on the 18th of October!

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