100 days and thousands of kilometres to enjoy Valencia Ciudad del Running until the end of the year

23 September, 2015

Valencia Ciudad del Running has a hundred exciting days ahead for enjoying training or popular races until the end of the year.

Autumn has arrived and runners will be able to enjoy the two greatest races in the city, the 25th Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Half Marathon and the 35th Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon. However, there are much more races, of different distance and objects, for Valencian runners or visitors along the year. There are still 100 days and thousands of kilometres to run.

On the whole, there are 20 elite and popular events with thousands of metres and hundreds of kilometres to continue enjoying competition in the city for running and hundred days to enjoy training for your favourite hobby.

D 27-sept-2015 I The Color Run by Deƨigual Valencia (5 km)
J 1-oct-2015 XI Volta a Peu U.P.V. (5 km)
D 4-oct-2015 VI V.P. de les Falles València “Colegio Arte Mayor de la Seda” (6.1 km)
D 4-oct-2015 3ª Can-carrera Popular Bioparc Valencia (3 km)
S 17-oct-2015 I Carrera y Caminata Popular por la Diabetes. Valencia (10Km-5km-2km)
D 18-oct-2015 25ª Media Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso (21 km)
S 24-oct-2015 II Cursa Popular a Borbotó (8.5 km)
S 31-oct-2015 II Halloween Road (5km)
J 5-nov-2015 Maratona del Mediterraneo “Valencia” (10.5 km)
D 8-nov-2015 XV Volta a Peu al Cabanyal (5.8 Km)
S 14-nov-2015 II Mini Maratón infantil Valencia Trinidad Alfonso
D 15-nov-2015 35º Maratón Trinidad Alfonso (42.1 km)
D 15-nov-2015 IV 10K Trinidad Alfonso (10 km)
D 22-nov-2015 II 5K Sant Joan de Deu (5km)
S 28-nov-2015 II Solidaria “Es Posible” – Sports Benicalap (carreras infantiles)
D 29-nov-2015 XV Vuelta a Pie Solidaria “Es Posible” (6.3 km)
D 13-dic-2015 XXVIII Pas Ras al Port de València (10 km)
J 17-dic-2015 VIII San Silvestre Solidaria U.P.V.  (3 km)
D 20-dic-2015 III Sanitas Marca Running Series (10 km)
M 30-dic-2015 XXXII San Silvestre Popular Valenciana (5.3 km)

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