10 reasons to not miss out on the 2015 Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon

5 June, 2015

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon has won over many runners in the last few years, it has also been awarded the title of best half marathon by the RFEA. So, what are the main reasons that have helped Valencia get to the top spot of this prestigious list? Below we list the ten reasons why the Valencia Half Marathon is the place to be in October for your 21K.



1.- Fastest half marathon in the world in 2014. For 4 years in a row the Valencia half marathon was the fastest half marathon in Spain and in 2014 the fastest 21K in the world was ran in Valencia. The Kenyan Abrahama Cheroben ran an incredible 58:48 on the Valencian course; this was the 6th fastest half marathon in the world in 2014.

2.- The course; futuristic, stunning and by the sea. The Valencia course surroundings are the most unique in Europe; Futuristic buildings, a mega Yacht marina, baroque architecture, a finishing line on water and wide tree lined avenues. Discover the course here

3.- Because Valencia is THE running city. Valencia has running events nearly every weekend from short 5K, 10K, half marathons, night time races and full marathons.

4.- The explosion in number of runners. 10,524 runners in 2014. This is a 460% increase on the 2011 edition. The Valencian Half Marathon has quintupled registrations over the last 4 editions, and in 2014 over 800 international runners came to Valencia. The international presence came from 41 different countries and made up 8% of the total runners.

5.- Guinness world record for charity donations. The Trinidad Alfonso Half Marathon is a race that aims to give back.  In 2014 the half marathon entered the Guinness World Book of Records as the half marathon that contributed most to charitable causes. The effort of the runners reaching the finish line was reflected in the money it raised.

6.- Valencia is a great city for sports tourism. The event is held at the ideal time of year for running long distances and to have a short holiday in Valencia. There are many places to stay and plenty of things to do before and after your race. Click here to find out how to book your half marathon holiday package.

7.- World class organization and event management. Awarded the best Spanish race by the RFEA and awarded the silver label by the IAAF.

8.- In 2015 we celebrate our 25th anniversary. On the 18th of October we are 25! The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Half Marathon has been going without missing a single edition since 1990. A great sporting tradition that started as a local event that now competes on an international stage with the biggest half marathons in the world.

9.- Entertainment and support all around the course. As you run through the Valencian streets and port you will never be bored. The Valencian locals flood the streets with music and cheers, friends and family of the running clubs and social clubs compete to win the title of best supporters. You will also run past rock bands, percussion groups and plastic recycling points playing Spotify playlists chosen by the runners.

10.- And… because it’s your next challenge for October.  Runners have families, Jobs and a million other things that keep them busy day to day, but one thing that is very definitely a feature of runners’ minds is the setting of goals and challenges. If you want to push yourself and get your PB, Valencia in October is the place to be.

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