Valencia Marathon will reward athletes who achieve their personal best with the program ‘Personal Best’

4 April, 2018


The Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon, organized by SD Correcaminos and the Valencia City Government, has launched Personal Best, a program of self-improvement in sports addressed to top athletes, which will award special prizes from Euro 2,000 to 4,000 to those athletes who, no matter what their result is, beat their personal best in Valencia on the 2nd of December, as long as it is under 2h20:00 (men) or 2h45:00 (women).

The organization will support this program by covering 3 days of stay and maintenance (from the 30th of November to the 3rd of December) of those runners from any country who expressly request to be included in Personal Best, and who meet all requirements and provide documentary evidence of a personal best in the last 4 years (from 2015 to 2018) sub 2h20:00 (or sub 1h06:00 or sub 30:15 in the Half Marathon and 10,000 metres, respectively) and to all female runners sub 2h45:00 (or sub 1h17:00 or sub 35:30 in the Half Marathon and 10,000 metres, respectively).

To aid the runners in getting their qualifying times,the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon will supply 3 groups of male pacemakers and 3 groups of female pacemakers that will run at paces under 2h20:00 and 2h45:00.

Runners who have served a serious or very serious doping ban imposed by the IAAF, the WADA or the AESPAD will not qualify for Personal Best, regardless of the time in their careers when this happened or whether they have already complied with it. The cash prizes will be awarded once the results of the doping tests performed in the race prove negative.

Since last year, the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon, with its program Personal Best, has been committed to consolidating multiculturalism and increasing the number of countries of origin where our professional and semi-professional athletes come from. Furthermore, this program rewards hard work and personal self-improvement in the race.

The Marathon has taken on the challenge of putting forward new ideas and projects, year after year, so that both the best runners and the ones who come immediately after them can become better. That way they will spread the word in the sports world and through the media in their own countries.

You can find below the list of prizes awarded by the program Personal Best, which are independent of any other prize awarded by the race.

If the new personal best is sub 2h10:00 Euro 4,000
If the new personal best is sub 2h10:00 Euro 3,000
If the new personal best is sub 2h10:59 Euro 2,000
If the new personal best is sub 2h10:00 Euro 4,000
If the new personal best is sub 2h10:00 Euro 3,000
If the new personal best is sub 2h10:59 Euro 2,000

Send an email to personalbest@maratonvalencia.com or call +34 963 940 200 if you wish to become part of this program.

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