Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona prepare for the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon with Serrano

30 July, 2015

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and Cárnicas Serrano, for the second year running, are helping runners to get organized and be better runners with the initiative: “Al Maratón con Serrano”. Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona will all hold training events every Saturday in the month of September. With these training sessions, runners will have their head in the right place when they compete on the 15th of November in the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon, organized by the SD Correcaminos and the Ayuntamiento de Valencia.

The runners will receive training on all aspects of running including running technique, diet, injury prevention and recovery, training programs and mental attitude. The sessions will cover everything a runner needs to finish their 42.195 meters.


This year the training activities have been gathered together under the banner ‘The Marathon Pillars’. The ‘pillars’ are the 7 most fundamental parts of training for long distance events. Every Saturday the runners will attend a talk from an expert before starting physical exercises. The pillars are: Strength, Fitness, Strategy, Psychology, Injury Prevention and Hydration, Diet and Rest.

Registration for ‘The Marathon with Serrano’ program opens on the 23rd of July and closes on the 10th of September. The sessions are free and available for any runners who have already registered for the 2015 Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon. In Madrid and Barcelona the number of participants will be strictly limited to 150 per city. The sessions will be led by the athletes Pablo Villalobos in Madrid and by Nacho Cáceres in Barcelona. Valencia has increased its number of participants to 400 this year due to the popularity of ‘The Marathon with Serrano’ last year.

The Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon and Cárnicas Serrano wanted to add even more to the training sessions this year. As marathon running is a mental as well as physical trial, much importance was given this year to the mental side of things. In consultation with the respected sports psychologist David Llopis the program was improved and expanded to cover all aspects of marathon running

This innovative project wants to stand by the side of all runners who will be ramping up their training schedule over the next 3 months. Every week a video will be published about the topic of mental preparation for a marathon. To accompany the videos each participant will have a workbook to record their thoughts and do written exercises. The books and videos will be available through the websites and social network channels of Cárnicas Serrano and the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon.

In addition to the main groups there will also be a smaller group created in Valencia for 25 people that will do an extra session on Thursdays. Any runners interested in this extra session can also attend the Saturday session. As places are limited we recommend you apply as soon as possible.

Finally, it is necessary to highlight the participation in this activity of the daily news Marca and Sport, that will give his lean in Madrid and Valencia, as well as in Barcelona, of respective shape.


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