Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon calendar

7 November, 2016


MONDAY 14 to THURSDAY 17 of November

  • Road Safety activities with MAPFRE (City of Arts and Sciences)
  • Shopping Run: events in shops in the city centre of Valencia
  • School Marathon: activities in schools

TUESDAY 15 of November

12:00              Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP presentation press conference

FRIDAY 18 of November

10:00              Opening of Expo Deporte with the Fallera Mayor of Valencia

10:00-20:00    Expo Deporte

10:00-20:00    Shopping Run street market (Plaza del Doctor Collado)

Paddle surfing

12:00-13:00    Marathon elite athletes press conference (City of Arts and Sciences: Hemisfèric)

17:00-20:00    Rock&Run (Lake of the City of Arts and Sciences)

20:00-21:30    Marathon welcome ceremony (Palau de les Arts)

SÁBADO 19 de noviembre

09:00-10:30    Breakfast Run – Jardín del Turia (near Palau de les Arts) / Circuit 5K

09:00-12:00    Valencia FDM Mini Olympics

Healthy workshops by MAPFRE

10:00-20:00    Expo Deporte

Paddle surfing

10:00-12:00    Valencia MAPFRE Mini Marathon (Puente de Monteolivete)

10:00-20:00    Shopping Run street market (Plaza del Doctor Collado)

11:00-12:00   ‘Al Maratón con Serrano’: last talk and brunch (Hemisfèric)

12:00-20:00    Rock&Run (Lake of the City of Arts and Sciences)

13:00               ‘Maratón al cole’ prize-giving

13:00-15:30    Paella Party (next to Museo Príncipe Felipe)

17:00-19:00    Impuls-A València (Auditorio Santiago Grisolía)

SUNDAY 20 of November

08:30    Start Valencia Marathon and Valencia 10K

09:00    10K Valencia first runners arrival

09:30    10K Valencia winners’ podium

10:30    Valencia Marathon first runners arrival

11:15    Valencia Marathon winners’ podium

11:45    Valencia Marathon post-race press conference

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