Training for a marathon: better with GPS and music

26 May, 2016

It would be a rare person nowadays who doesn’t start thinking about technology when they start running. In fact, nearly any sport has a wealth of gadgets and platforms you can use to enhance your training program and performance. Variety and quality have gone up for fitness tech but size and price have decreased over the last few years, making the tech available to everybody.

The last 12 months has seen an explosion of wearables. A wearable is a small device that can be easily worn on the body and does not obstruct your movement in any way. The device can  analyse varying aspects of your physiology and performance as it can ‘read’ your body. Running is one of the most obvious activities that wearables are used for.


Timing your total minutes of physical activity, how long you stopped for, calories you burned, heart rate in your day-to-day life, real time tracking of your route, distance, pace and top speed are all aspects you will be able to explore in granular detail with the data you obtain. With this data you can set specific personal goals, track your progress and, hopefully, achieve your goals.

Wearables also have another massive benefit; music. Many wearables also have the added function of being able to play music. It is estimated that 70% of people listen to music whilst training. The ability to have one device that monitors AND plays music has become one the biggest influences on which wearable customers will purchase.

This has made tech manufacturers race to make a sleek wearable that can play music and give detailed analysis of performance. One of the most popular wearables is from Tom Tom, sponsor of our marathon, with their Runner 2 Cardio + Music. This wearable has no cables due to its special wireless earphones, fits great on men and women, has all the modes you could ever need, and it has up to 3GB of memory for your music. The model also has the multisport mode to give you unique options for swimming and cycling.

Training for a race like the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon means you will be spending many hours with your wearable, make sure you have a device that can do everything you need to monitor your performance and entertain you. The Runner 2 Cardio + Music gives you tracking, comfort and music right there in one place on your wrist.


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