Tips prior to the 4.0 Valencia Marathon Virtual Edition

30 November, 2020

After many weeks training and almost without realising it, the decisive week has arrived. Now is the time to reap all the effort, commitment and work you have put in. I am sure your physical level is adequate for the goal you have set yourself. Therefore, you must have confidence and determination when facing this challenge.

It is really important that you clearly understand the competition rhythms strategy, so you can tackle each session of your virtual marathon at the intensity you have prepared.

Below I will give you the last tips to reinforce your safety and clear up any doubts you may have. The split between the kilometres in each session is indicative, each runner can manage this as they think best. However, I will pass on to you the options I consider may be the most appropriate.

Option to run over 4 days (10 + 10 + 10 +12) – We Will Keep Running Challenge

You have chosen the option with the lowest volume per session, but instead you must run 4 days in a row to complete the challenge.

You must keep well hydrated throughout the day to get to the session in the best condition and to help you recover from one day to the next.

Try to eat carbohydrates in the meal before the session to keep your glycogen levels up.

You must be clear about the sports equipment that you are going to use in each session. Get it prepared and organised before starting the challenge.

It is a good idea for you to do each session at the same time of day, so you have the same length of recovery time each day.

You must keep the intensity constant and very controlled in the first three sessions to avoid over-fatigue. If you do this, you will arrive fresher at the last session and you will be able to finish the challenge with more energy.

Option to run in 3 days (14 + 14 + 14) – We Will Keep Running Challenge

You have chosen an option with a significant volume per session that requires careful attention to detail. On the other hand, you can do it in three sessions in a row or you can also rest one day between the three sessions.

During the days you are running, recovery is very important and you must, therefore, take care of the invisible training.

  • Eat carbohydrates in the meal before each session.
  • Hydrate after each session with fluids containing mineral salts.
  • Spend time doing flexibility exercises after each session.
  • Try to be as organised as possible throughout the day and avoid a heavy workload and family stress.

The sports equipment you are going to use in each session is very important. Get it organised and ready before starting the challenge.

You must be highly consistent in the way you compete and the intensity of your pace must be regulated from the beginning. You should always save your strength and be economical with your efforts in order to get to the last session with the maximum energy possible.

Option to run in 2 day (21 + 21) – Serrano 21×2 Challenge

You have chosen a very serious challenge that will force you to leave your comfort zone. You’ve done a lot of planning and it’s time to check your fitness.

It is important to start without any muscular discomfort and you should visit the physio at the beginning of the week to get a good discharge massage.

In the three days before the start of the competition you should eat pasta to increase your glycogen stores. This is the energy source you will use during the race.

It is best to leave 24 hours between the end of one session and the beginning of the next, to give you the best possible recovery and rest.

During the race it is advisable to refuel as follows:

  • km 5 (water)
  • km 10 (salts)
  • km 15 (water + gel containing carbohydrates + caffeine)

In the two days before the virtual marathon, prepare the sports equipment you are going to use.

Your running speed should be very well regulated so as not to create excessive fatigue on the first day. You must run thinking at every moment that the next day you have the second part of the race.

Option to run in 1 day (42) – We Will Keep Running Challenge

You have chosen the most demanding and the most difficult option. You are going to run a marathon and this challenge is always exciting.

It is best if you have some running friends to do part of the distance with you. This will make the challenge more bearable as you can share it with other people.

Try to visit the physio to help you maintain the proper muscle level and discharge your entire structure (this should be done at the beginning of the week).

Rest is your best ally. You have to compensate for all the work done in the previous weeks.

Food is essential and in the final part of the week you should increase your carbohydrate stores so you have sufficient reserves during the race.

At breakfast before the race you should not do anything you have not tried before. Everything is ready! do not do anything different from usual.

It is likely that by decreasing the volume of kms and increasing your food intake you may have gained a little weight. Don’t worry because you will need it. Your optimal weight should not be your weight at the starting line, you must reach it at km30 of the marathon. Being too thin at the start of the run is not a good idea.

You must be very clear about the sports equipment you are going to use during the competition. Running shoes, socks, shorts, vest, glasses, cap, etc. you should have tried everything beforehand.

Your refuelling guidelines are essential. You must be very clear about what they are. Keep taking your gels, salts and water under all circumstances.

Your race strategy must be very clear. You have to know how fast to run per km and how you want to pass the splits. Do not expend all your energy at once and arrive at the final phase with energy remaining.

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