The 2016 Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon runners will be subject to clinical and sports monitoring as part of the CRH project

22 November, 2016

Last Sunday, when the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon took place, the research team linked to the CRH research project (https://www.uji.es/serveis/se/altres/projectesinvestigacio/crs/) of the Jaume I University, finished the conduction of a field study which comprised 100 runners who took part in the reference race of our region.

The study began in Expo Deporte Valencia, the runner’s fair, two days before the race, with a battery of tests including weight measure, analysis of the explosive force with a vertical leap, as well as blood and urine tests. Runners also carried an accelerometer and a GPS tracker throughout the whole race.

On the 20th of November runners were summoned at 7 am to provide a urine sample and measure their weight before the marathon. They also took some other tests once the race was over. In particular, their weight was measured again, they responded to a survey and their hydration levels during the marathon were analysed. They also made a vertical leap again in order to measure their strength and they took blood and urine tests.

The most important part of the research starts now, since from the 21st to the 27th of November, runners, who were assigned to different teams once they had crossed the finish line, will do training of continuous running, treadmill training to minimize impact or they will just rest. This will help researchers know which is the most effective method to recover from such a physical effort. Blood tests will be performed during the training sessions and they will be compared with the previous ones.

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