Run to Valencia warms up for the Marathon

21 November, 2016

Thousands of runners from every corner of the world come every year to Valencia to run the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon. They each have their own stories which make them unique and unrepeatable. Coming to the City of Running for this event is much more than wearing your trainers and running kilometres. The Valencia Marathon is a wave of emotions that many runners cannot express with words but they remember them forever.

Among the thousands of different stories behind marathoners, Movistar+ chooses a small group of runners every year to tell us what the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon represents for them in the documentary programme Run to Valencia. They want everyone to know what they feel when they run the 42,195 metre race by telling their stories of personal growth and it doesn’t matter whether it is the first, tenth or thirtieth time they do it.

Valencia will be covered with gold for the 2016 marathon. More than 17,500 runners will run along the streets of Valencia in the Marathon and 8,500 will do so in the 10K. Together they will all have fun on such a unique day. To warm up for the event, Movistar+ will show up to 8 different stories on the programme Run to Valencia. It will surely make all runners feel the urge to train for the race. You can get ready for the Marathon with the 8 new programmes broadcast by Movistar+ Deportes every Friday at 14:15 and you can also watch them again on the theme channel of the TV platform or on channel #0. In addition, it will be broadcast this year on the trial website of this post. The 8 stories of this edition will bring your emotions to the surface. Get ready for a unique race. The Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon has already started.

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