Sold out, the 20,000 race bibs for the Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich 2022

21 April, 2022
With just over six months to go until the Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso Zurich the 20,000 race bibs the organisers SD Correcaminos put on sale last December have now sold out.Sold Out 21K The registrations for the Half Marathon include 25% women, with a geographical distribution including 55% of participants from the Comunitat Valenciana, 24% from the rest of Spain and 21% of runners will arrive in Valencia Ciudad del Running from outside Spain, representing similar figures to those for the race before the global pandemic. In addition, 18% of registered participants have confirmed that Valencia will be their debut in a half marathon, in what the RFEA has called the best race at 21,097.5 metres.

Waiting list to cover withdrawals

The 20,000 registrations have been filled in just a few months and runners who still wish to participate on 23 October will have to join the waiting list that has been opened to meet these requests. Hopeful runners on the list will be chosen as registered runners withdraw due to injury or make use of their refund insurance, if they took it out on registering.

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