Remember Valencia with the Marathon and 10K t-shirts

4 November, 2016

The Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon, organized by SD Correcaminos and the Valencia City Government, and the parallel 10K have presented their commemorative t-shirts, which will be given to all the participants in their respective runner’s bag. The Amercian sports company Brooks, which specializes in running, will provide participants with a unique high-quality garment in blue for the marathon and orange for the 10K.

A golden city in every respect

Valencia is gold. The Valencia Marathon has been the first long-distance race in Spain to be awarded the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Gold Label. But there are many other reasons why Valencia is a golden city: our traditions, our climate, our sea, our cuisine… We have tried to capture in the marathon t-shirts all the aspects that make Valencia a golden city.

This way, all runners of the Trinidad Alfonso EDP Valencia Marathon and the parallel 10K will have a garment specifically designed for the events, which will commemorate the race and the fact that it has been awarded the IAAF Road Race Gold Label with a trim that looks like it. In addition, the skyline of Valencia will also be represented on them as it was in the Marathon official trainers, as well as other traditional aspects, food and objects of the City of Running.

The t-shirt is made of an ultralight fabric which is highly breathable and extremely comfortable. Furthermore, its flat seams prevent the chafing which results from sweating and it will show the distance that runners will cover in their respective races: 42,195 metres in the marathon and 10,000 metres in the 10K.

About Brooks Running

Brooks Running designs and manufactures specific high-performance technical sports shoes, as well as clothes and accessories in more than 60 countries from all over the world. Its mission in the running-athletics market is to inspire everyone to run, go out and be active, alive. Keep running longer, farther and faster. ‘Run Happy’ summarizes their philosophy: everyone can run and enjoy while doing it.

Founded in 1914, Brooks is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and is headquartered in Seattle.



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