Over 45,000 visitors and 200,000 citizens lining the streets

19 November, 2017

The whole of Valencia enjoyed The Marathon Party. Citizens and over 45,000 visitors lined the city streets to experience one of Valencia’s biggest events of the year and to watch 16,000-plus runners in the Marathon and 8,000 in the 10-kilometre race make their dreams come true.

The Marathon Party

The number of athletes has risen year after year, as has the percentage of visitors who travel to Valencia to watch the city’s Marathon. Some 24,800 Spanish visitors and roughly 19,900 foreign visitors lined the streets to cheer on the Marathon athletes (drawn from 89 countries) as they ran to break records in Valencia — ‘The Running City’.

The Marathon Party

Valencians eagerly joined in The Marathon Party. Some 200,000 people lined the streets to cheer the runners on in the 37th edition of the Valencia Marathon and the 7th edition of the Valencia 10-kilometre trial.

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