The numbers behind the Valencia Marathon 2021

23 November, 2021

In less than two weeks, the Valencia Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP returns to the streets of Valencia City of Running A race with great numbers not only on the stopwatch. Here are some of them:

  • 16,000 participants. The capacity of the race in 2020 was planned to be
    30,000 runners, but due to the pandemic and after the suspension of the fun run last year, it was decided to reduce the number of places to ensure safety.


  • 83 this is the age of the oldest runner in the race who will come to run from Italy.


  • 18 years, 1 month and 28 days is the age of the youngest person who is going to run coming straight from Sweden.
  • 108 nationalities represented.
  • 35 sponsors.


  • 5,147 euros will be donated to Médecins du Monde thanks to the charitable contributions from the runners.


  • 1,750 volunteers who will support the event over the weekend.


  • 44 accredited media outlets.


  • 5,322 queries answered through the runner attention service in October alone. 6,000 registrations updated (personal data, estimated time, bib name, etc.) between 3 and 14 November.


  • 5,300 runners who have trained with the Objective Valencia by Serrano plan through the +42KValencia smart app.


  • 30 doctors to attend to possible health incidents, of which 18 are anaesthesiologists. To these are added 9 more doctors who will be running but will attend to anyone who needs them and 5 skaters with defibrillators.


  • 2 field hospitals will be set up for the event and there will be 20 ambulances distributed along the route, in addition to 6 Farmacia Ribera rapid assistance points with Vaseline and analgesic spray. In addition, 16,500 sachets of Vaseline will also be handed out.


  • 16,000 FFP2 masks from Farmacia Ribera ready to be handed out.
  • 100 kilos of ice for cold water baths installed in the field hospitals.


  • 8 hours free travel on EMT Valencia buses on the day of the race.


  • 12 refreshment stations along the route, 10 with Aquabona and Powerade and 2 Red Points to hand out Enervit gels.


  • 363,000 gifts will be delivered inside the runner’s and finisher’s bags. In addition, 1,000 kilos of bananas, 15,500 persimmons, 15,500 mandarine mesh bags and more than 10,000 trays of baby broccoli will be handed out.


  • 10 sizes and 2 New Balance t-shirt options for runners to choose the one that best suits them.


  • 112 Ecoembes rubbish containers.


  • 204,960 bottles of Aquabona, 70,200 bottles of Powerade and 45,000 plastic cups, in addition to 33,000 Enervit gels.


  • 15,000 magazines published by RUNNING CV.


  • 4,852.46 m2 of blue carpet for the descent to the City of Arts and Sciences, the walkway and the post finish line area.


  • 1,600 litres of Isaval paint to mark the route.


  • 168 square metres, the size of the largest advertisement for the event, a giant 8-storey high banner placed by New Balance on the city’s main shopping street, Calle Colón.


  • 3,800 metres of advertising canvas that will be recycled for social purposes.


  • 2,764 beds and 1,428 rooms booked for this weekend through welcometovalencia.com in the 57 hotels participating in the VCR project.


  • 7,093 fences used along the route and in the starting and finishing area.


  • 338 portable toilets.

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